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Lower Your Flood Insurance Rate

Flood insurance is a science based on information about you and statistical averages affecting your situation.  Insurance companies will thus, charge you more if they have only general information about your flood risk.  Below are the options to eliminate or reduce your flood insurance premium.

File A Flood Elevation Certificate

The way to potentially reduce your insurance cost (the rate they charge you), is simply to provide your insurance company with accurate information about your situation.  This is done by filing an official FEMA form called a flood Elevation Certificate.  It can be filed in two ways.

Do It Yourself and Save a Little

First, you can obtain the forms from the FEMA website and answer the general questions asked on the form.  This may be able to gain you some savings.

Have it done by a Professional and Save Big

Second, you will potentially see the most significant cost reduction if you hire a professional land surveyor or civil engineer perform a flood insurance survey to measure the elevations around your structure and provide detailed elevation information certified by a Licensed Land Surveyor or Registered Professional Engineer on the flood Elevation Certificate.  In many cases, this document has reduced the insurance premium by as much as 80%, and the certificate is valid for many years.  It only needs to be updated if FEMA changes the flood insurance rate maps for you area, which they do about evey 10 years or so.

The Smartest Course of Action

The smartest thing you can do is to contact KAPPA about performing a site survey of your land to see if you can get out of the flood insurance requirement altogether.  If your house or structure has a elevation that is high enough, you may be able to remove the flood insurance requirement.  Second if you are not high enough in elevation to eliminate the need to buy flood insurance, you will get a professionally prepared flood Elevation Certificate which will minimize your insurance premium.