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KAPPA's Civil Engineering Services in San Diego

Civil Engineering covers a lot of territory and it takes years of experience to know which engineering solutions are a best-fit for each project.  KAPPA's Civil Engineers have over 35 years of experience, and it shows in our designs which will make sense for your project.  No matter how large or small the project, we bring value to all of our projects by designing practical and cost-effective solutions.  Some projects require complex engineering.  When needed we can provide the most sophisticated engineering solutions available today because we make use of high-tech Computer Aided Design and Drafting.  We also use computational tools for modeling projects so that our calculations are accurate and bring value to the project.  Some of the typical services we offer are listed here.

KAPPA's Value Engineering in San Diego

Value Engineering is when you meet and review a design to see if there is any 'polishing' to do and make it better, faster, or cheaper.  Value Engineering can also be called 'Peer Review', but no matter what you call it - value engineering can be a highly beneficial effort.  In some projects, Value Engineering has saved a project as much as 10% to 15% of its total cost.  KAPPA does Value Engineering for all kinds of engineering projects.  Call on us when you want an experienced second opinion.

  • Pre-construction Value Engineering
  • Design-build Value Engineering

KAPPA's Grading Plans in San Diego

A Grading Plan shows how you will change the shape of a project or property.  On single lots it can be a 'Minor Grading Plan'.  On larger land tracts, it is a complex set of drawings dealing with complex geometry retaining walls, and drainage systems.  Each City jurisdiction has its own set of rules which trigger the need for a Grading Plan.  In general if you are moving more than 50 cubic yards of earth or changing the elevation more than a foot or so, you may need a Land development Grading Plan.  You can check with the city or with KAPPA to see if a Grading Plan is required. 

San Diego
El Cajon
Chula Vista

When you need to do a grading plan, you want an engineer that is experienced and knowledgeable about the regulations.  Often KAPPA's civil engineers can make suggestions to your land development that can minimize the cost and in some cases, even reduce the need for grading plan or related permits.
  • Land Development Grading Plans
  • Parcel Grading Plans
  • Roadway Grading Plans
    When creating roads, a grading plan may be needed if the changes to the land are significant.  If the road is not in the public right-of-way, then the road grading plan can be used for both the grading and the roadway construction.  Contact KAPPA civil engineering staff to see if we can assist in combining the permits and grading drawings on your project to same time and money.


Dredging Plans

A dredging plan is simply a grading plan below water.  KAPPA's civil engineers have experience creating dredging plans in San Diego.  It is a specialty grading plan and requires a great deal of sophistication and permits.    Dredging plans often require complicated environmental oversight and may trigger significant environmental impact reporting.  KAPPA's civil engineers are knowledgeable and can assist with your project even in these extreme situations.

KAPPA's Improvement Plans in San Diego

  • Street Improvement Plans
  • Storm Drain Improvement Plans
  • Sanitary Sewer Improvement Plans
  • Domestic Water Improvement Plans