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Flood Map Engineering

Flood Map Engineering is a major activity at KAPPA Surveying and Engineering, Inc.  Our staff of surveyors and civil engineers performs flood insurance surveys and flood mapping activity daily.  We are familiar with the rules, regulations and procedures of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the people who create and manage the Flood Maps in San Diego.

Things you should know about how Flood Map Engineering directly affects you:

  • If you live near a body of water, you may already be required to have purchase flood insurance.
  • If you are already paying for flood insurance, it may be possible to reduce your insurance cost simply by measuring your lot and filing an Elevation Certificate with your insurance company.
  • Even though your home may be shown on a flood map, if the elevation is high enough it may be possible to be removed from the flood zone and thus, remove the requirement to purchase flood insurance

Flood insurance is a very expensive item and you will want to confirm that you need it, and if you do - that you are not paying too much for it.

Contact KAPPA's flood engineers to see how you can eliminate or reduce your flood insurance cost.  Use these link to quickly find out more valuable information.

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