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Since 1979

Flood Insurance Survey in San Diego County

KAPPA Surveying and Engineering has extensive experience in helping our clients reduce their flood insurance rate or remove the flood insurance requirement altogether.  We have successfully processed many applications though the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and are knowledgeable in the process of preparing a FEMA Elevation Certificate as well as applying for Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA).  We have developed an efficient system to perform your flood insurance survey and have broken the process into two clear and comprehensive phases: the Elevation Certificate/Flood Insurance Survey Phase and the Flood Insurance Elimination Phase.

The Elevation Certificate/Flood Insurance Survey Phase will provide the information for KAPPA to evaluate your property's chances for a successful application to FEMA.  Through this process we will prepare a FEMA Elevation Certificate to reduce your flood insurance rate or continue to the Flood Insurance Elimination Phase to eliminate your requirement to purchase flood insurance. 

  • Our services include field measurement of the elevation of your home's floor level,
  • Field measurement of the ground elevations at the major corners of your home,
  • Preliminary analysis of the FEMA Base Flood Elevation, and
  • Recommendation from KAPPA as to whether or not to proceed with a FEMA LOMA application.
  • If the results of our survey suggest that your project will not be approved by FEMA for a map amendment, we will provide you with a FEMA Elevation Certificate in order to negotiate a reduced flood insurance rate with your insurance company.

The Flood Insurance Elimination Phase consists of compiling the required documents to submit a full and complete FEMA LOMA application package.  The typical required documents are:

  • Preparation of a FEMA 'Firmette',
  • Creation of a property survey plat,
  • Completion of the official FEMA Property Information Questionnaire,
  • Markup and reproduction of the required pages of the FEMA FIS profiles,
  • Preparation of a field elevation affidavit, and
  • Legal descriptions, deeds, and other required documents.

KAPPA will then submit the application package to the appropriate location of FEMA and track the progress of the application within FEMA.  If you are in need of a FEMA Elevation Certificate and a flood insurance survey we at KAPPA are here to help.  We can provide you with a free initial analysis of your property to assess your flood insurance rate situation.  For a free quote to have KAPPA prepare a FEMA Elevation Certificate and flood insurance survey, contact us at (619) 465-8948 or fill out our "Request a Quote Form".