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Flood Elevation Maps

As you may know southern California has  a very diverse environment, from marshy rivers to dry hills and mountains. Because of this there are many people who are required to have flood insurance, due to their vicinity to a water source or their relative elevation, and many who are not, because they are either at a certain elevation or a sufficient distance from any flood source. We can find out whether or not you are required to purchase and pay for flood insurance.

If you feel you shouldn't have to pay or are paying too much for flood insurance then you should look at the one of the below maps of where you live, if you live near the edges of any of the shaded areas indicating the degree of flood risk you may in  fact be of sufficient elevation to put you outside of a 100 year flood zone, removing the requirement to pay for flood insurance, or an area of lower risk and thus lowering your flood insurance rate.
Below are several maps that we commonly use in our flood insurance evaluation process to view where your project currently is in the special flood hazard area, you can find more flood maps on FEMA.


Del Mar

El Cajon


San Diego


Chula Vista

Imperial Beach

Mission Beach

Pacific Beach

San Ysidro