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FEMA Elevation Certificate in San Diego County

Have you been notified that you are required to carry flood insurance in San Diego County?  If so, you may have been asked to supply your insurance broker with an FEMA Elevation Certificate.  A FEMA Elevation Certificate is a form that provides accurate elevation data for your home and structures.   It can be used to get a reduced flood insurance rate or to remove the flood insurance requirement by supporting a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).  The FEMA Elevation Certificate is completed and certified by one of our licensed land surveyors or licensed civil engineers in San Diego. 

In most cases in order to prepare the FEMA Elevation Certificate a field survey is required to provide accurate elevations of the structures.  KAPPA Surveying and Engineering has performed this flood insurance survey throughout San Diego County numerous times.  Our land surveyors and engineers have an efficient system to ensure quick and accurate results.  We have successfully applied for LOMAs with FEMA and save our clients thousands of dollars on their flood insurance rate each year.  If you are in need of a FEMA Elevation Certificate and a flood insurance survey we at KAPPA are here to help.  For a free quote to have KAPPA prepare a FEMA Elevation Certificate and flood insurance survey, contact us at (619) 465-8948 or fill out our "Request a Quote Form".

If you decide that you want to try to lower your flood insurance rate, than we at KAPPA can prepare your FEMA Elevation Certificate and/or process your FEMA LOMA application.  Our services for a flood insurance survey in San Diego County are broken into two phases:  the Elevation Certificate/Flood Insurance Survey Phase and the Flood Insurance Elimination Phase.   Once these two phases are completed we will submit and track your LOMA application through FEMA.  A determination by FEMA is typically reached within 6-9 weeks.  For more information on our flood insurance survey and what we can do for you, please refer to our Flood Insurance Survey page.