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Elevation Certificate in San Ysidro

KAPPA Surveying & Engineering expertly prepares FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates for home and business owners in San Ysidro.  We have staff experienced in the quick and accurate preparation of a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate which is critical in obtaining the very lowest rate for your flood insurance in San Ysidro.

We know first-hand that when you have an accurate FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate in San Ysidro, you get a significant savings on your flood insurance.  In some cases our FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates have reduced insurance costs by 30% or more.

Once you have your FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate in San Ysidro, we can evaluate your chances of becoming completely removed from the flood insurance requirement altogether.  Because we have a great deal of experience with Flood Plain Management, we may be able to process documents through those managing the Federal Flood Insurance system such that they will allow you to get out of the requirements of having flood insurance.

Ask us about processing a "Letter of Map Amendment" (a LOMA) on your property in San Ysdiro.

For a free quote for a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate and/or a Letter of Map Amendment, please fill out an online application here, or call us at (619) 465-8948.

If you would like more information from FEMA about an Elevation Certificate click here.

Below is a map of some of the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), floodplain, or high-risk zone in San Ysidro, CA.