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Buying Flood Insurance

In many situations it is possible to remove the need for you to buy flood insurance by studying your property and analyzing how the Base Flood Elevation affects it.

When FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) prepares the Flood Hazard Mapping or Flood Insurance Rate Maps, they collect massive amounts of physical information about the riverbed and the lands around it.  They then use historical rainfall data and generate what is called the Base Flood.  This is the flood that has a 1% chance of occuring in any given year.  This is also commonly called the 100-year flood zone.

As they do their work, they take the resulting flood elevation profile and plot it onto maps that show what lands are inundated when the Base Flood occurs.  They do a very good job of providing this information and they make it about as easy to understand by the general public as it can be made.  There are always small errors in any kind of large and broad analysis or study, these errors occur most often along the edges of the flooding areas.

What KAPPA can do is refine the flood map by performing a flood insurance survey so that your property is given an accurate depiction of its flooding potential.  We do this by physically measuring the elevations of your living area and the ground around your structure.  In about 75% of the cases we analyze, there are errors in these edge flooding conditions.

If we find that an error has occured, we can prepare a case which proves to FEMA that your property or structure are not actually being flooded.  When successful, FEMA will prepare a document called a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).  If successful, the LOMA can then be taken to your lender, and the flood insurance requirement will be removed.

If after measuring your property, we determine that your structure cannot be removed from the flood hazard, we will issue you a flood Elevation Certificate, using an official FEMA form, which will likely greatly reduce your flood insurance premium.

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