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Since 1979

About Kappa Land Surveying and Civil Engineering

Land Surveying & Civil Engineering in San Diego

Since 1979, KAPPA Surveying and Engineering has been the trusted name for landowners, municipal agencies, and land developers who want cost-effective and accurate information about their property.  Located in La Mesa, California and has been licensed by CLSA for over 35 years. KAPPA Surveying and Engineering provides a compliment of services created to make it easier for the sale or development of land by providing all of the land surveying services needed.

KAPPA's Land Surveying Services in San Diego

KAPPA adds value to every property we service.  We do this by creating various kinds of property surveys to meet the many needs of our clients.  We routinely work with both large and small owners to satisfy their needs for accurate information about their land.  We provide the complete range of survey work as explained here in our website.

KAPPA's Civil Engineering Services

KAPPA's Civil Engineering services include all major items needed to improve land to meet the needs of development.  We work with all public and private agencies in San Diego County including all cities.  We provide engineering services to develop property, improve the public right-of-way, control or prevent storm water pollution, and visualize engineering developments of most kinds.   A more complete description of our services is provided here in our website.

KAPPA Uses Technology To Bring High-value to our Projects

KAPPA is committed to making use of all tools that allow us to provide better, faster, high-value services to our clients.  Today this includes highly advanced Surveying and Civil Engineering software.  Computer Aided Design and Drafting, is one area where computer software has brought great benefit.  We use the latest versions of CADD and engineering design software.  Survey equipment has also evolved to bring great benefit.  KAPPA uses Total Station survey devices mated with high-capacity electronic Data Collectors which allow us to bring field measurements into our CADD systems with ease and accuracy.  We also make use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology which allows us to determine 3-dimensional measurements of land in high precision.

KAPPA Service

KAPPA is in the business of providing service to our clients.  We take this to mean that we serve their needs in a professional, accurate and timely manner.  To find out how KAPPA can bring benefit to your parcel or project, Contact Us or request a Free Quote now.